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Awardees: Chung Kim-fung; Sung Po-wa
School: HKUGA Primary School
Award: Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2015/2016)
(Mathematics Education Key Learning Area)

#8 It is Not as Simple as 123

In addition to memorising formulas and doing calculation exercises, games can also be a part of the math class – thought-provoking and enthusiastic discussions can be generated while playing. Mr Sung and Mr Chung have selected a group of students with better performance in math to join an assessment-free “enrichment class”. The teachers design math games, problem-solving tasks and project learning topics based on the issues we encounter in daily life, stimulating their students to thinks. It gives students a precious lesson that mathematics is not only about getting the correct answer.


Producer :Tsoi Yuen-yi, Margaret
Production Assistant :Lam Ka-po, Karena