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Awardees: Wan Siu-kwong; Wan Hin-chiu; Kwan Si-lun, Alan; Choi Ka-wai; Wong Pui-sze
School: Baptist (Sha Tin Wai) Lui Ming Choi Primary School
Award: Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2016/2017)
(Guidance and Discipline)

#7 Positive Education

This primary school has 24“Positivity Promoters”, each with their own unique trait and adorable persona, such as a loving angel, a judge who defends fairness, and an imaginative painter. They are not only popular among students but also serve as their role models. The “Positivity Promoters” are cartoon characters designed by five teachers to represent 24 character strengths.

The main purpose of positive education is to enhance the growth mindset of students, and to enhance their ability to overcome difficulties and take on challenges. The key lies in the effective use of character strengths, which contributes to the formation of a positive learning environment.


Producer :Chan Wai-tong, Tom
Production Assistant :Lam Ka-po, Karena