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Awardees: Ho Tik-shun; Leung Yue-shan, Jennifer; Chan Pik-ying; Chung Cheuk-hung, Vincent
School: The Chinese Foundation Secondary School
Award: Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2016/2017)
(Science Education Key Learning Area)

#6 It All Started from Trees

As the Chinese saying goes, “It takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to nurture a man.” Trees have been planted all around campus since the establishment of this school. After flourishing for a decade, the trees have become a key component of the school’s programme for nurturing its students.

The teachers begin with acquainting their students with plants, and go on to help them understand the importance of biodiversity as well as sustainable development. The main features of their tailor-made curriculum include classroom learning, outdoor learning activities, research projects community programmes etc.

The teachers expect their students can become “citizen scientists”, knowing how to apply the scientific knowledge acquired in class to their everyday life, or better still, to promote green messages in their community.


Producer :Hung Ka-wing, Joseph
Production Assistant : Sham Suet-yi, Suyi