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Awardees: Cherk Fung-ngan; Lau Hiu-yam; Chan Ka-yiu; Wong Man-leung
School: Ng Wah Catholic Primary School
Award: Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2015/2016)
(Mathematics Education Key Learning Area)

#4 Journey to the Math Kingdom

To make their students fall in love with Math, the teachers have banded together to rack their brains and come up with a series of extremely creative teaching materials. Through activity-based teaching, they have successfully turned abstract math concepts into what the students can see, hear and touch, so as to facilitate the students to retain what they have learned.

The math teachers began producing their own educational television programmes six years ago. Mr Chan and Mr Wong even made their acting debuts as the God of Math and King of Math respectively to inject humor into their teaching. It became a big hit with the students. These educational videos featuring eventful plots, animations, and pop songs gradually gave rise to the formation of a “Math Kingdom” on campus. While the teachers play pivotal roles in the kingdom, the students become the realm’s subjects. This new identity motivates the students to enthusiastically participate in every activity of the math class.


Producer :Mok Wan-ngo, Potato
Production Assistant :Lam Ka-po, Karena