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Awardee: Ling See-yan
School: Baptist Wing Lung Secondary School
Award: Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2016/2017)
(Science Education Key Learning Area)

#3 Be a Scientist

“If you spend more time teaching students how to walk by themselves instead of holding their hands every step along the way, they might start off being a bit slower. But after they get the hang of it, they might even be able to run on their own. This can make learning more effective.” It is this realisation that led Ms Ling See-yan to promote “self-directed learning” in her teaching.

To help her students better grasp the key ideas of each lesson and guide them to be more proactive in learning, Ms Ling encourages students to design their own experiments using materials outside the classroom. Ms Ling likes to incorporate everyday life into experiments – for example, making popcorn and simulating car crashes – to better engage her students. Ms Ling embraces serious attitude towards science. She expects her students can learn to be same with her guidance.


Producer : Fong Yuen-mei, Jessie
Production Assistant:Lao Un-teng, Belle