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Awardee: Kwan Lu Pui-ling
School: Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School
Award: Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2016/2017) (Arts Education Key Learning Area)

#2 Life Designer

“Parents feel that art students will end up being beggars. Students think that they don't need to spend much time studying by taking this subject.” Kwan Lu Pui-ling (Mrs Kwan), who has been teaching Visual Arts for more than 30 years, is never discouraged by the misconceptions that parents and students generally hold for art. She uses her catchphrase “Try! Try!” to remind her students, as well as herself, that giving up is not an option.

Under the current education system, students may lack the space to exercise their creativity and tend to think that they have no artistic talent. However, Mrs Kwan believes that artists are not born but made, and knowing how to appreciate art is the key to a vibrant life. Fate works in mysterious ways. More than 30 years ago, Mrs Kwan let slip an opportunity of enrolling in a design programme and became a teacher after graduating from the faculty of education. While her dream of becoming a graphic designer remains unrealised, she has become her students’ life designer, guiding them to find their life goals through art.


Producer : Tang Yuen-fan, Emily
Production Assistant : Iu Yun-faat, Gary