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Awardees: Cheung Po-che; Tam Oi-mei, Amy; Poon Suk-kwan; Lai Shuk-han, Jennifer; Wong Wah-chun
School: Fanling Kau Yan College
Award: Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence - Certificate of Merit (2015/2016)(Curriculum Leadership)

#1 Learning Community

In 2012, Fanling Kau Yan College decided to carry out a large-scale curriculum reform and introduce a teaching practice which promotes “self-directed learning” across the entire school. The school sent its teachers abroad and to mainland China for professional exchanges. Implemented step by step over the past six years, the teaching practice has been adopted by every class level and every subject at school.

The teaching practice is developed upon the concept of “pre-lesson enquiry.”. Teachers would prepare materials summarizing the key ideas of each lesson for students’ preview. Students will then conduct discussions and share their thoughts on the materials during the lesson. To encourage peer learning, students would be divided into groups of four with mixed abilities and personalities. The student with higher ability will be assigned the role of team leader and lead the discussion.

The school firmly believes that with a concerted effort, teachers can better address the differences in learning ability among students and elevate the overall effectiveness of learning and teaching. Making every student successful is their ultimate goal.


Producer : Lai Yick-ho, Leo
Production assistant: Lau Yuen-fan, Elsie